Should Death Penalty Be Used for Drug Traffickers in Malaysia?

Topics: Drug, Illegal drug trade, Death penalty Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: July 3, 2013
Should Death Penalty Be Used For Drug Traffickers in Malaysia? There have been a lot of oppositions against death penalty for drug traffickers although they have posted a great threat to Malaysia. In my opinion, death penalty should still be used on drug traffickers in Malaysian. I have a few valid reasons to support my stand. Firstly, drug can destroy the lives of million people. There has been cases that a blissful relationship broken into pieces because of drugs. To be precise, drug traffickers are the main cause that people are able to obtain drugs. Moreover, it is despicable to disregard others’ lives just to make easy money. Secondly, this law can be served as a warning. This severe punishment can scare those who intend to do the job. As they know, there is no way turning back. The enforcement of this law will make them consider endless times before committing the crime. Thus, the drug traffickers will reluctant to take up the job. Some people claim that the used of death penalty for drug traffickers is cruel and inhuman. However, if the punishment is too light, the traffickers will not take it seriously; which means there will be more people who are willing to take up the job because the lure of easy money. In conclusion, the death penalty should still be used for drug traffickers because it is never a far-too-severe punishment for a sinner who destroys lives of million people. Similarly, those drug traffickers should already know the risk once they get caught red-handed.
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