Should Drugs and Prostitution Be Legalized?

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Drug addiction, Drug Pages: 4 (1449 words) Published: April 25, 2012
I do not think that illegal drugs or prostitution should be legalized. If drugs were to be legalized there will be a lot more drug addicts on the streets and in the homes of innocent people. “It’s clear that there is a relationship between legalization and increasing drug use, and that legalization would result in an unacceptably high number of drug-addicted Americans.” (Fact 6) The last thing this country needs are more drug addicts. Unfortunately, our government is, actually, considering the legalization of drugs. “Exasperated by the seemingly endless deaths, crime and corruption generated by the world’s illicit drug trade, a growing number of public officials and scholars in recent weeks have begun to call for debate on what for years was politically unspeakable: making drugs legal.” (Kerr 1) Drugs are not only addictive but they also destroy one’s physical health. If someone were to use a needle and the needle was used they could gets AIDS or a serious illness due to the needle being dirty. The, deadly, HIV virus is commonly passed from person to person if dirty needles are used to inject drugs. …in the United States. AIDS first struck primarily homosexual men. But today the virus appears to be spreading most rapidly among intravenous drug users. In New York City, 34 percent of all people with AIDS have been heterosexual i.e. drug users, who presumably caught the disease by sharing needles and syringes with someone infected by the virus. Nationally, about one-fifth of the more than 36.000 AIDS cases have involved i.e. drugs. An accurate estimate is probably double that, since many addicts' deaths from tuberculosis, pneumonia and other illnesses are now being recognized as AIDS-related. (Schwartz)

Drugs mess up and ruin peoples lives. Some drug abusers lose their friends and family over drugs. Those things happen because drugs can change the way a person thinks and/or acts. A good kid who is under the influence of drugs could end up doing something that he...
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