Should Marijuana Be Illegal?

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Chase McQuade
Ms. Niespodziany
English 10-2
9 May 2013
Should Marijuana be Illegal?

Cannabis Sativa is a Schedule 1 controlled substance. This drug has been known to treat and even cure certain diseases. This drug is also known as Marijuana. Marijuana gives the user a relaxed and sleepy side effect. This is one of the many side effects of this drug. Marijuana has many beneficial side effects and also many grave side effects. “Marijuana can be used to prevent cancer growth” ( This will be further explained later in the report. “Marijuana is also used for AIDS, anxiety, and other diseases” (Gottfried 20). Marijuana is used recreationally, illegally smoking, and medicinally for medical use when needed. When used medicinally, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is usually removed from Marijuana. Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States of America. This topic, along with the research accompanied it, very much peaked my interest. This led me to pose the question: Should Marijuana be Illegal? This question leads to an open “argument that dates back to the early 1960’s” (Dudley 29). I believe that Marijuana could either stay illegal or the United States government can finally legalize it. I say “finally” because this “War on Drugs” has gone on too long, and is exhausting. I stand neutral because society has proven to function alright without Marijuana, but also Marijuana can be used to benefit society and maybe even improve how society works.

“Marijuana is smoked in a variety of ways, such as a pipe with or without added tobacco, a joint cigarette with or without added tobacco, or a bong or bucket with or without tobacco” (Marijuana). One of the worst ways to smoke marijuana is through a bong. “Inhaling smoke through the water makes it cooler, which makes it easier for the user to inhale a greater volume of smoke more deeply into the lungs” (Marijuana). This, to me, sounds like people who present an argument for marijuana to stay illegal have a valid point. Marijuana does have its ups and downs, but some people do not see the benefits it can present. Also, they might realize that some things that are legal now, maybe should not be, for people’s safety.

“The United States Center for Disease Control reports more than 37,000 deaths occur each year due to alcohol abuse” ( Alcohol is just as much as a danger, if not more of a danger, as marijuana. “The Center for Disease Control does not have a category for marijuana related deaths, because there has never been a single reported death for the consumption of marijuana” ( Alcohol has been the reason for many drunken drivers, murders, assaults, and other terrible crimes. Why is alcohol legal when marijuana is actually better for everyone? “Alcohol will hinder your neurological system, effectively blocking many of the brain’s receptors ( When someone has one night of drinking, they effectively destroy two weeks of exercising, fitness, or lifting weights. Too much alcohol and they will develop a “beer-gut,” which makes the stomach extend, and they look fat. “Alcohol also slows down brain responses, and can be fatal, ultimately ending subconscious controls like breathing and heartbeat” ( Also, when drunk, “ethyl alcohol molecules are surging through the user’s bloodstream” ( These ethyl molecules are very dangerous, and can cause severe damage when the user drinks often. “Ethyl molecules pass through lipids and fats and can even pass through cell membranes” ( Ethyl molecules can literally pass through everything in their body and travel anywhere in their body and cause damage. “The Ethyl molecules will wander through your muscles and even into your heart and brain” ( “Extensive use of alcohol leads to the increased risk of cancers in the mouth, throat, larynx, liver, colon, and breasts” ( Alcohol use is very dangerous when not...

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