Sights and Sounds

Topics: A Great Way to Care, Entertainment, Music genre Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: August 27, 2013
We human beings are always looking for ways to entertain ourselves. There are many types of entertainment. Whether it’s reading a book or it’s listening to music, people will always try to find a way to avoid boredom. We live in a world that is in close relations to its entertainers, authors and singers or bands alike. You may also call them what they really are: artists. They take their craft seriously. The three main contrasts to reading books and listening to music are popularity, availability and preference.

Books are treasure troves of knowledge and a great way to exercise your imagination. The stories that books can tell can take you places. That is one of the main reasons why reading books is a hobby that is most popular to the public. The fact that books have existed for like forever is only testament to how popular they are. Some people even consider some books as national treasures. Libraries, book stores, your house (there is bound to be a book or two there somewhere) are places where you can buy or find books. The abundance of books today is legendary. Don’t just sit there idly, go and read a book! We don’t know just how lucky we are. The number of good readers is decreasing; nowadays you rarely get to meet someone who really loves to read. Books are naturally arranged by their genres. For example: horror, fantasy, romance and the like are different genres of books. They are arranged this way so that people can easily pick out their favorites by order of preference. Encyclopedias are books that are chock-full of information, perfect for those people who don’t have anything fancy to read. Story books are the books not recommended for readers who lack imagination. This lack of imagination can undermine your love for story books. Some stories are so compelling that you really have to delve into the plot to fully comprehend and appreciate what you’re reading.

Music is a major contributing factor to the present entertainment business. Music is so...
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