Social Biography

Topics: Gang, Illegal drug trade, Sociology Pages: 5 (2141 words) Published: November 5, 2013
Aysegul Torun
Mr. Swiencicki
Soc 2
Apr. 29th, 2013

Social Biography

In this paper I’m going to write about a sociological biography of a person who I interviewed and I’m going to analyze some of the social problems such as “drug war and race”, race discrimination, drug abuse, and importance of a well structured family based on my interviewee’s answers. I like to talk about family because I think family is where everything starts. If we want to define what the social problem actually means is then according to the official definition of social problem is that “social problems are societal induced conditions that harms any segment of the population.  Social problems are also related to acts and conditions that violate the norms and values found in society”. I’ll the data that I’m going to share in this paper is given to me by my interviewee. First of all, my interviewee is a twenty-two years old working class Hispanic male and his name is Dave. Currently he is attending to Berkeley City College and planning on transferring to UC Berkeley. Also he is a reserved solider who has been in the army almost for four years now. Because Dave does not have the common Hispanic look, I also like to include that he is green eyed, blond hair, and tall man. Since he does not look the way it expected, when he was young, he was not being fully accepted by the people around him and sometimes even in his family. He says that “sometimes people ask me if I’m white or not and of course I say; no. he also includes that some times people say him that just because he look white it doesn’t mean he is too good to be around them even though he was too young to be think that way. People were just being paranoid. When I asked him how he was treated emotionally and physically by his family and his answer was pretty much what I expected. He said that “They were emotionally and physically abusive. They made me feel worthless. It was very abusive I got my ass beat up pretty often by my dad and it was with a belt too”. After that I asked him to talk about his father and mother and he said that “My father was an alcoholic and a wife beater. He was possessive and close minded about other open opinions” and he kept going: I felt unwanted because my mother once told me that she wanted two kids one boy and one girl and she had a boy and girl I’m the 3rd kid and she told me that I was a mistake and they didn’t really plan or want me. It made me feel very unwanted when I first heart that and it still does sometimes”. This the reason why I wanted to talk about importance of a well structured family because it is clear that all of his problems has started right in the beginning means that when he was young and it is also clear that big chunk of those problems has created by his family. The neighborhood that he grew up in did not have any benefits to him either because he grew up in east Oakland where the gang violence is at the peak compare to the other areas in the bay. The east Oakland is almost like the forgotten piece of land because it is dirty no body pays any attention and the poverty rates are very high so in this kind of environment according to Dave; he felt lost and swallowed by the such a neighborhood. Drug Abuse (Q3) Since the friends that Dave have gotten were from the same neighborhood, they all were gang member and people who were no good. They were like gang bang friends who were involved in gang activities such as getting into fights, using drugs, and drinking. He continues and says “the feeling of not being wanted in home encouraged me to join in gangs and fit in, using drugs” and the drug abuse starts here. According to an article that is written by a Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine David C. Dugdale the official definition of the Drug Abuse is “the use of illegal drugs, or the misuse of prescription or over-the-counter drugs for at least a year with negative consequences”....
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