Social Influences in Teenage Drug Use

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Social Factors That Influence Teenage Drug Use
A Research Proposal

Kathleen Reynolds

The proposed study seeks to examine the social factors that influence teen drug use. Drug use is a problem that affects many adolescents in the United States. The basic questions this study will try to answer are: What explains drug use among teenagers? What drugs are teenagers more likely to use? How are teenagers accessing drugs? And ultimately, what are the social factors that influence teen drug use? This study involves three basic purposes of social research. These are: exploratory, descriptive, and explanatory purposes. The study will explore the body of knowledge that has been produced on the determination of drug use among adolescents. The study will describe the basic characteristics of teen drug users such as the drug of choice, the frequency of use, the sources for the drug, and the financial disposition to acquire the drugs. The study will also describe some well known factors like peer group, type of parenting style they experience and others. The study will explain three of the social factors that influence teenage drug use. This study is worth considering because many elements in the social environment have a vast influence on individuals of all ages in society. Society has expectations as to how people should act, what people should look like, etc. The social pressures teenagers experience are endless. These social forces can influence individuals positively or negatively. Secondly, teenagers are constantly attempting to prove something to somebody, and typically will do anything to successfully do so. Whether it is to friends, parents, family, and/or teachers, teenagers are going through their experimental years, they test boundaries, and going through puberty. The teen years are and will always be some of the hardest yet memorable times for individuals. However, what adolescents face can ultimately lead them to one of two paths for the rest of their lives. One path is a robust development of self and the other is a poor image of themselves. Becoming a teenager is hard, yet sets the foundation for an individual’s social life. No matter the upbringing, each teen is able to make decisions for themselves and direct the path they chose to follow. Research will be vital for teaching young adults the reality of social pressures, drugs, and to maintain true to themselves, can make a difference in lives. By performing a study on social factors that influence teen drug use opens a window of possibilities for something that may improve the quality of life, especially for teens. Teenagers are caught up in experiences and emotions. Not only do their bodies put them through a series of changes these are the years that are very influential in the rest f their lives. This study will bring awareness to a problem that has such impact on an individual such as the habitual use of drugs. Social factors that influence teen drug use are certainly not being brought to the attention to enough and/or the correct people to make a difference and ultimately to decrease the rates of teenage drug use as well as social factors. By making this topic more of a priority as well as spreading awareness, will come the hopes of less teens allowing social influences to take control of their lives, and ultimately, save the lives of many. By spreading the knowledge of the topic may make a difference for many. There are ways in which society can spread the awareness about the social factors that influence teen drug use. An effective way to spread concerns is through the National Institute on Drug abuse which is located in Bethesda, Maryland. This institution focuses on science to control alcohol abuse and addiction, NIDA does so by two strategies: by a strong support of disciplining broadly, and secondly, reassuring the help and rehabilitation of clients through treatments as well as programs. The...

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March 20, 2012
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