Struggles of Being a Lawyer

Topics: Crime, Gang, Illegal drug trade Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: November 16, 2008
Salinas california, a town full of gangs, drugs, and murderers. Growing up in salinas i had many, many destractions that seemed to pull me away from goals i never really had. Every teenagers goal in salinas is to do time in jail, to serve thier gang, and to earn the highest up most respect. The schools were no different. The schools were actually worse then the streets because it forced the 2 gangs to be in the same area which didnt go very well. Most of the kids ditched schools to do drugs or some other type of illegal activity. Fights were just part of the day, one day i counted 6 fights that had happened in less then one hour, then the school went on lock down due to older gang members showing up to our school with guns ready to kill. At least 80% of the people i knew had been arrested and 90% had run in's with the law. With all these things going on and happening every day you would think that just out of odds i would have gotten into drugs or gangs or some other type of illegal activity, but i didnt. My dad is a ex- army ranger and been to prison. I was to afraid of what my dad would do to me if he ever cought me doing anything illegal. My mom owned a day care so she was always home which was good because if she wasnt home then she wouldnt be able to keep an eye on me and help me make the right decisions. My brother was getting involved in gangs but because he was in a gang he kept me out of alot of trouble. my brother never did anything serious and he knew joining a gang was not the right thing to do he did it to keep me out of trouble and to keep me safe. He also did it to help him stay alive. Some of my teachers were selling drugs to students out side of class. Seeing all these poeple doing illegal activities and getting away with it found me an intrest in law enforcement/ criminal justice. It made me want to defend the innocent people who are getting cought up in this life style. It also made me want to put away all crimianls that deserved to be put...
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