Synthetic Cannibas

Topics: Recreational drug use, Drug, Illegal drug trade Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: April 7, 2014
According to the United Sate of America center for diseases control and privation, that 39.9 percent of youthful has used legal synthetic drugs at least once. The statistics shows an increase of 3.1 percent from the survey results in 2009. A similar data of 11.4 percent of USA 12th graders have used ‘’spice’’ or ‘’K2’’ (brands of synthetic cannabis) in the last years (Bhatty, Sanaa,Wu & Wendell, 2013). Synthetic drugs are mostly common in young people. It also found that daily use of synthetic cannabis is now at 30 years peak level in the midst of high school seniors (Bhatty, Sanaa,Wu & Wendell, 2013). Synthetic cannabis is a mind-expanding product it comes from natural herbs which is sprayed with synthetic chemicals that has the same effect as the illegal cannabis. Although synthetic drugs are legal but it Is greater intoxication and long term risks (Bhatty, Sanaa,Wu & Wendell, 2013). The contention of cannabinoids misuse is likely to be a greater challenge. In response to these concerns, this critical essay will examine the effect of synthetic cannabis on human and who is the most affected by its use (Bhatty, Sanaa,Wu & Wendell, 2013). This essay will be organized in three main sections: first, it will examine the uses of synthetic cannabis; second, it will discuss the effects of synthetic drugs and who is the most affected by its use; and third considering people perception in the last years.

The use of synthetic cannabis just for recreational purposes has increased since2004, and in 2001 the usage of legal high has increased in Australia and New Zealand (Monica J, Barrat, Vince Cakic & simon Leton, 9 OCT 2012). The study of the use of synthetic cannabis (Monica J, 2012) found that almost 96 percent of synthetic drugs users who cooperate in this study also noted the use of drugs (Vince Cakic, 2012). Moreover, synthetic drugs are easy to purchase in dairy shops, gas station and via Internet (Bhatty, Sanaa, Wu & Wendell, 2013). The chemicals that are used...
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