Technology and Communication

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Communication technology is a necessity for human interaction. It plays an important role in acquiring and disseminating information. Regardless of time and boundary, technology helps provide information for the decision making process. Communication technology is important in the human civilization process. At the end of this topic you should be able to explain the importance of communication technology, define communication technology, explain its impact and influence, explain its influence on education, business and economy, government, society and globalization. You should also be able to explain the use of technology in interpersonal communication.

Definition of communication technology
Rogers (1991) defines communication technology as “the equipment, the structure of an organization and the social values that have been experienced by individuals when collecting, processing and exchanging information with other individuals.”

Zeuschener (1997) defines information technology as “a body of tools, machines, materials, techniques and processes used in human interaction for sending and receiving messages.”

Marcell (2000) defines information technology as a “complex and heterogeneous set of goods, application and services used for producing, distributing, processing and transforming information.”

Akhtar, Kumar and Gregson (2000) say “ information and communication technology include satellite broadcasting networks, televisions, video, digital radio, internet, extranets, wireless communication devices, as mobile phones etc.” All these play an important role in connecting the people of the world and enabling an effective communication process.

Phases of development of communication technology
Writing phase
Printing phase
Telecommunication phase (telegraph, telephone, radio, TV)
Interactive phase (interactive technology like the computer).

Competencies in communication technology
As owners of communication technology we must be fully...
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