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Request for Proposals (RFP)
Provide Top level security with the policy and producers
Summary Details
The Board of Directors request that their information security strategy be upgraded to allow greater opportunities of secure cloud collaboration. Also dress the concerns on the recent number of hack visit attacks that have caused the network to fail across the enterprise. The organization has know brand products across the world and expects top-secret methods for safeguarding proprietary information on its recipes and product lines Note to Proponents: Please be sure to review the RFP document in its entirety before submitting proposals. Submission Format

1.Letter of Introduction
Preferably a one page document introducing the proponent and proponent’s submission. •It should include a brief history of your company and how long you have been in business. 2.Proposed Approach, Project Resources, Costs

An outline of the proposed project approach, process, procedures and timelines in other to meet the objectives of the project. If you have a lengthy document please provide a summary no more than 3 pages. •Performance measures for each of the key result areas (objectives.) •One of the key roles and equipment that needs to be monitors is our servers that monitor our security software on it. This would detail a 24 hours monitoring. •To provide 24 hours support in our Data Center on the QDX servers and threads. •Identification of the project manager and key project support personnel. Include a brief resume of the persons providing the services. •Identify and subcontractors that you would engage to assist in project completion. •An outline of anticipated time requirements and total cost of the proposal. •An outline of proposed hourly/daily rates including a breakdown by activity. 3.Qualifications and References

To move to the next stage in the selection process, the proponent must demonstrate their ability to undertake this project. Please provide examples of the project manager and consulting team‘s experience, knowledge and success in each of the following areas. 1.Describe at least two (2) perspectives that need to be closely monitored within the contract. a.One thing that definite needs to be monitors is the coming and going of personal through the data center. Which would be the following: cameras lock doors and badges id’s. b.Second thing would be the type of equipment that is put out on the data center floor makes sure the specifications are correct in what they are requesting. 2.There should be at least two (2) methods that could be used to evaluate and develop a qualified trusted supplier list. a.They must meet the Homeland Security Guidelines.

b.The must show what vendors they are currently using and also show there how they choose the vendors they are using. c.Vendor should show that time working with certain equipment and what flaws they show that was corrected. What is the schedule showing. 3.They must have experience working with government and industry. 4.Knowledge or incident command strategy would be an asset. 5.Conducting effective consultations, and

a.Knowledge of communication strategy development
6.Project management - if would be preferred of the project manage or member of the consulting team, has a project management designation but this is not essential. An equivalent amount of experience vs acceptable. Include a minimum of 3 reference to be contacted in order to verify your firm ‘s experience and work quality.

Physical Security Plan

Section 1

This Physical Security Plan materializes the “Standard Operating Procedures” relating to physical, cyber, and procedural security. It has a comprehensive overview of the (Utility)’s security program, and there is some sections, that makes reference to other relevant plans and the process. The security personnel, operators, and selected hydro personnel...
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