Terrorism and Hezbollah

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Terrorism, Smuggling Pages: 4 (1018 words) Published: August 9, 2013

Hezbollah Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

MH3 505: Issues of Terrorism

Nicholas J Nelsen

Professor Anna Toom

TUI University
March 21, 2013


Hezbollah, one of the most significant organizations presenting a threat to the United States today, is a sophisticated organization with decades worth of refined tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). In an attempt to prepare for this threat their current operational TTPs will be discussed, as will the implications of their use. Hezbollah Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

Hezbollah is a transnational terrorist organization with a demonstrated capability of striking targets outside of their geographical sphere. They have sophisticated operations ranging from simple IEDs to soft power projection operations designed to influence the local populace. These facts, combined with their demonstrated history of attacking the US and her allies present one of the most significant threats we face today. To prepare for this adversary one must understand their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). TTPs and Capabilities

Hezbollah (Committee on Homeland Security, 2012) has demonstrated a capability to perform kidnapping and intimidation campaigns. In 1988 they kidnapped LTCOL Higgins, tortured him and then filmed his execution. Over the course of their history they have conducted kidnappings of civilians, government officials, and military members (CFR, 2010). These operations have included clandestine insertions targeting armed Israeli personnel, then exfiltrating without notice with the captives. Kidnapping and intimidation campaigns are a key TTP for Hezbollah and they are proficient in this task. Suicide Bombing

Suicide attacks are a well-established TTP through history dating back to 1090 C.E. (CRS, 2003). While the method of attack it old, Hezbollah’s attack on the Marine barracks in 1983 is...

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