Terrorism at the Border

Topics: Mexican Drug War, United States, Illegal drug trade Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: November 1, 2012
Terrorism. What is it? Can anyone define it? Is terrorism when someone hits two buildings with airplanes to kill thousands? Or is it when someone smuggles drugs to a country. Could terrorism be violence or just causing harm to people in some way? Terrorism is defined in so many ways. The United States today is so much more involved with fighting the war on terrorism in far away countries like Afghanistan, then looking at the threat that is lying along the United States border. The violence at the Mexico border is terrorism. It is not only terrorism to Mexico but terrorism to the United States as well.

So many people have been terrorized by the violence that lies along the border of the United States and Mexico. The violence is stemming from the Mexico drug cartel’s who are smuggling drugs into the United States. There are not only innocent people being killed but there is also the members of the cartels that are being killed over the selling and smuggling of the drugs to the United States. There are also police officers, soldiers and most shockingly news reporters that are being murdered (Carpenter, T G (02/2/2009).

Terrorism is seen in many different ways. For example, in the Germany Holocaust, innocent people were killed because they were or thought to be Jewish. There were thousands of innocent people killed by one man who was attempting to gain control over a government. He used violence and chaos to eventually become president of Germany. How Hitler has so many innocent people killed is an act of terrorism (http://www.fff.org/freedom/fd0403a.asp). The killings of innocent people who are attempting to protect themselves from the cross fires of the Mexican Cartel’s are no different than the Jewish community attempting to hide from Hitler and his men. With all the people getting killed, whether it is a drug cartel member, an officer of the law, or an innocent family hiding from the gunfire, it is terrorism. It is terrorism because it is a group of...
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