The Best Way to Travel Is...

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The best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer


There are two opinions for the question. Some people think it is better to travel in group with a tour guide, some others think that it is better to travel alone or in a small group without a tour guide.

I am from the second ones. I think that when you find out something what deserves your attention the thrill will be bigger. Just the fact that you are almost alone in foreign country raises your adrenaline. Maybe this thought is wrong but I think so. I have been on a tour with a group and tour guide and there was no free time for walking and amusements. Sometimes there are some entertainments included in the program but they are ever boring.

Travelling alone has many benefits. It is excellent way to meet many more single travelers and to make a conversation whit them, something what you will avoid when you are in group. When you are alone you look at your interests and you do not conform with anyone. You go wherever you want to and you enjoy this without the muttering people all around you when you are in group (they are always there). When you go on some of these activities you meet other people who share your passion. The other benefit is that when you travel in a group with bus the guides has the skill to make you sleep. The most guides’ voices became monotonous with the years repeating the same words.

This is my opinion of the case and for me it is the best one, but not everyone will accept the risk of travelling alone…
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