The Colonial Family in America

Topics: Drug test, Illegal drug trade, Drug Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Cherie Wallace
English 95 Mrs. Endicott
March 13, 2013

Not many people know what the Dept. of Correction’s requires for parolees released from prison into the community. Approximately three months before an inmate is released back into the community the Dept. of Corrections does a RISK Assessment to determine how much Community Supervision will be required and what risk that inmate is to the community in which they are released. Most inmates that are required to service time on community custody have a one year to five year commitment to community probation. All inmates placed on community custody are required to fulfill drug treatment, drug urinalysis testing , office visits anywhere from once a month to daily reporting to their specified probation officer, and a verified release address that follow the guidelines of housing a released inmate. Upon reporting to your probation officer, they may require a urinalysis for illegal substances that is against the inmates release plan. The Department of Corrections uses an instant urinalysis test that reflects what type of illegal drug was consumed and if it was in the last 36 hours. This instant drug screen test has been determined by researchers to be inaccurate. Yet after many researchers agree there is an issue with the accuracy of urinalysis testing, The Dept. of Correction’s continues to use this method because it is cost affective. It is more important to cost less than to be accurate. Although urinalysis drug testing is cost effective, it’s inaccuracy makes it an unfair method of testing for parolees.
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