The Harmful Effects of Marijuana

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The Harmful Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana is a leafy green plant hat is also called hemp, weed, or pot. The female marijuana plant produces buds that contain a chemical called THC which makes the user “high”. Marijuana dates back to Asia. Many cultures used it for meditation, religious practices, and intoxication. It is the third most used drug in the United States, according to surveys token in 1988. Marijuana is the most used illegal drug in the United States. Over the years marijuana has become very popular; 1 out of every 3 people have tried the drug and about 44% of US high school students have smoked it. Marijuana can be consumed in three different ways. It can be smoked, eaten, and made into tea. When smoking it, the drug is consumed in a pipe, a blunt, or a joint. Although this drug is very popular and many people talk about how great it is, it has many harmful effects that target your physical, social, and legal well-being.

To start off with, marijuana harmfully affects your physical health. Marijuana has short and long term effects. Short term effects may include panic, anxiety, poor coordination of movement, increased heart beat, and lowered reaction time. Long term effects may include suppression of the immune system, reduction of male sex hormones, growth disorders, personality and mood changes, change in structure of sperms cells, and rapid destruction of lung fibers. In Australia in 2008, a study was done and link heavy marijuana use with brain abnormalities. It is also proved that marijuana changes the brain similar to the other abused drugs. A number of studies also show connections between marijuana use and psychosis. Some other miscellaneous effects of marijuana are decreased blood pressure, increased appetite, disruption of the nerve cells and ruins memory, sleepiness, depression, and increased risk of panic attacks and bronchitis.

Following on, marijuana has harmful effects of your social well-being. It can affect your...
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