The Hawkhurst Gang

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Smuggling and the hawkhurst gang

1. From source A we learn that: people smuggled because poor people did not want to pay and “duty tax” on their goods. Also it was believed that there was ‘nothing in the crime of smuggling’. This source is second hand information and it could be false, also it has apart missing which could be useful.

2. When studying this source you should be careful because, firstly it is from a crime and punishment book and therefore not completely about smuggling and therefore probably not limited information.

Secondly, it was written in 1996 by a man named “John Briggs” might be getting this second hand information of the internet or from another book so it may be false information as we do not know where this information came from and therefore this could be false information. The writer of this source is against the smugglers and puts in what his own opinion. He mentions that they are “akin to modern drug barons than freedom fighters” this show us that he was not on their side and that they were not actually fighting for freedom but for the money and because of greed.

3. In source c we learn that: firstly ‘some people regarded smugglers as rough criminals this implies that the smugglers were deadly and where not frightened to use violence. But most poor people ‘had a sneaking sympathy and admiration for them, as they could not afford the tax’. And so people began to pay the smugglers for their goods, simply because they could not afford to buy the ones with tax as the tax rate was so high. They had sympathy for the smugglers because if they are caught they faced the death penalty and the people were just trying to help them.

4. Source E portrays that they were harmful smugglers and is not in agreement with source d which talks about Daniel Chatter and john diamond having worked together. It makes you feel as though they might be friends as when diamond passed through Fordingbridge he shook his hand and gave him a bag of tea. This contrast with source E which refers to an engraving that calls them bloody inhuman smugglers. Also the fact that they throw stones at Daniel chatters body is in contrast with the harmless smugglers in source D (there is a picture in source E which shows the smugglers throwing stones at Daniel chatter). One of the ways source D gives us the impression that they are harmless is that they left tea behind suggesting that they are quite fare. Although they did break into a property and that is Fairley harmful. On the other hand the person in that building was not harmed and therefore that show us that the smugglers were not too bad and that they would not do things like this if they don’t need to.

5. All three sources give us information about smuggling in the 18th century. The source that is the most useful if you were studying smuggling would be source D. this is because it is written in 1749 and therefore more accurate as it is from the time in comparison to source c which was written years later by two men and not very specific. Although it is not definitely written by the Duke of Richmond as it is just said that he wrote it but it could be anyone the duke of Richmond is almost definitely against the smugglers as he signed an arrest warrant against one of the main gang members this show us that he could be biased and want to get rid of the smugglers whatever it takes. Two places Fordingbridge and Poole are mentioned and this is interesting for somebody wanting

Evidence of where things happen. Source D is the only evidence of numbers e.g. ‘hundreds assembled’ suggesting they were popular and ‘only thirty’ suggesting there were many more men. Source D is specific in that unlike c and e it mentions tea as an item smuggled and an actual references to a building smuggled. This is useful as it shows the ruthlessness of smugglers and that it is create in time but it does not have as much detail or as accurate as source D.

Source C is...
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