The Issue of Illegal Immigrants in the U.S.

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Climbing For The American Dream
America has been struggling to find the answer to solve, and slow down the rate of illegal immigrants crossing the border from Mexico. As each year passes, the number of illegal immigrants continues to increase. As of today, half of America's population is full of illegal immigrants from Mexico. If America wants to decrease these numbers, other actions must be made besides building a wall between America and Mexico.

The U.S. department of Homeland Security has built a five meter high, seven hundred mile long wall along the border of America and Mexico, in act of slowing down illegal immigrants looking for work, and putting a stop to drug smuggling. The remaining thirteen thousand miles of border, are protected by surveillance cameras that are monitored every day. For some, this may sound like a great plan, but the number of illegal immigrants trying to cross the border, outnumber border patrol officers by a lot. With this being said, the number of illegal immigrants and drug trafficking brought into the U.S. continues to grow (Guardian News and Media Limited. Guardian. G.N.M.L, 2012. Web. 8 Oct. 2012.).

Illegal immigrants still find ways to reach American soil not caring if they are seen, or caught in the act of doing so. Some are just simply running across the dessert, and sneaking past the cameras due to good camouflage. Some are even seen, and getting away by climbing the wall in under ten seconds, and running freely across America. Border patrol officers have found underground caves dug out going under the wall and coming out the other side into the U.S.. Illegal's are crossing the border desperately to reach America for a better life. Some put their life at risk, and some pay every penny they have to scouts who help them cross through the rugged terrain. If caught, their money is not refunded back to them, but also many just simply die due to heat exhaustion.

Homeland Security still has not physically...
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