The Love in Quartier Enfants Rouges

Topics: Love, Feature film, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (854 words) Published: November 20, 2012
Christina Bennett
ENGL 101-043
Professor Rezendes
November 7, 2012
The Love in “Quartier Enfants Rouges”
As many people may know, love is a very complicated thing to understand. The film, Paris, Je T’Aime tries to show the audience many different perspectives of love in a series of short films. One of the short films in this collection is called “Quartier des Enfants Rouges”. In this short film, love is presented in a very different type of way because neither actor says they are “in love” with one another, they just express it without the other one knowing.

The clip “Quartier des Enfants Rouges”, directed by Olivier Assayas, presents a story line where love seems to not be the main focus in the clip, but drugs are. Actor Lionel Dray who plays “Ken”, portrays a character as a drug dealer in Paris who goes to a house party to look for one of his regular customers, Liz (Joana Preiss). Joana Preiss takes the role of a character who is in the town of Paris for an acting role in a movie. When Ken stops by the house to give her the drugs, they go to an ATM because she had no cash. As she was at the ATM, Ken was behind her and trying to touch her, showing the viewers that he cares about her.

After she got the cash, they went to the bar for a couple beers and she gave him her number, and told him he could stop by the casting set where she was filming the movie. As they were leaving the bar, he handed her the drugs and she gave him the money. When she was at her trailer later that night waiting to film for the movie, she called Ken and told him to come to her trailer and bring her drugs for her friend, when they were really for her. When her trailer door knocked, it was not Ken; it was one of his friends, Jeff (Nicholas Maury) and Ken had sent him out to give her the drugs. Liz seemed really upset because she wanted Ken to come and not Jeff.

After reviewing this film, it is easy to realize that Liz and Ken have a very strange relationship. In the...

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