The Mexican Drug War

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The Mexican Drug War
South of the United States across the border in Mexico there is a current drug war. According to Solomon Moore of The New York Times, the United States has helped the Mexican governments with over $1.5 billion dollars (1). The Mexican government is battling their drug cartels and the cartels are battling one another. The illegal drug market has never been so unsettled. There are small elite killing squads now operating on both sides of the Mexican-American border. Law enforcement authorities say that the traffickers that are distributing the cartels’ marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and other drugs are responsible for an incredible number of killings and brutal assaults.

Officials on both sides of the border have agreed that the United States is the source for most of the guns used in the violent drug cartel war in Mexico. The violence occurring in the United States cannot even compare to what is happening in Mexico. The cartels in Mexico have been thriving for years and have grown to an industry. According to Randal Archibold of The New York Times, violence has greatly increased in the last 6 to 12 months, especially in the area of home invasions (2). Law enforcement officials have reported even seeing these vicious men put guns to a baby’s mouth.

The police have become severely overwhelmed by the intense amount of fire power that is in the hands of drug traffickers. They have armed themselves with assault rifles and even grenades. The Mexican cartels have been around for a long time and are growing. They have become known for being distributors of marijuana. According to Randal Archibold of The New York Times, they have now taken over cocaine distribution from Colombian cartels. The Colombians have formed alliances with the Mexican cartels to move cocaine. It is still largely produced in South America and then goes through Mexico and into the United States (5). The Mexicans have also recently been taking over a lot of the methamphetamine business. They have been producing the drug in so called “super labs” in Mexico. Although this has shown benefits to the United States since the number of labs in the United States has recently showed a decline (6). Since President Felipe Calderón declared a war on drugs in December of 2006, more than 38,000 Mexicans have been murdered. During the same period, drug money has infused over $130 billion into Mexico’s economy, now the country’s single largest source of income. Corruption and graft infiltrate all levels of government. Entire towns have now become ungovernable, and of every 100 people killed, Mexican police now only investigate approximately 5 cases. It goes on to say: But the market is booming: In 2009, more people in the United States bought recreational drugs than ever before. In 2009, the United Nations reported that some $350 billion in drug money had been successfully laundered into the global banking system the prior year, saving it from collapse.

There have been waves of drug crimes suspected by the police. They believe the battles are between Mexico’s drug cartels and the efforts to get rid of them. There have been several attempts and acts to lessen the damage done by cartels and to ultimately get them to go away. The governor of Texas asked for National Guard troops at the border and the Obama Administration is currently working to complete plans to add federal agents along the border. They do not intend to deploy soldiers. Enhanced security measures may also help and would include increased uses of equipment. They would have the necessary equipment at the border and ports to detect weapons carried in cars crossing into Mexico from the United States. President Felipe Calderón has begun to crack down after feuds over turf and control of the organizations. There has been an unprecedented wave of killings in...
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