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ENG 112 The Piano Lesson Hour Exam Spring 2013 Name : Jhane Bingham
You may use your books and your notes. You are welcome to take this exam on your laptop and post on MyCourses on the link provided. Part I. 10 points. Review basic terminology on Drama. In the second column, fill in the correct Letter of the Definition. I will count 10 of these for 2 points each. TERM| Fill In theLetter| Definition|

1.Tragicomedy| J| * Character with multiple traits|
2.Tragedy| G| B. Tragic circumstances of slavery and family legacy| 3.Comedy| D| C. Character capable of change|
4.Plot| I| D. a play with serious happenings that expose characters to the threat of death but ends well.| 5.Flat character| H| E. Opportunity for editorializing within the play| 6.Round character| A| F. fantastic elements may be intuitively "logical" but are never explained| 7.Dynamic character| C| G. Flaw in central character causes fall or decline that elicits reader sympathy and wisdom| 8.Static character| K| H. Character with one or two traits| 9.Theme| B| * Exposition, rising action, conflicts, climax, falling action, denouement| 10.Staging Action| E| J. Humorous and comic moments with potential for tragedy but ends well| 11. Magic Realism| F| K. Character remains the same|

Part II. Short Essay Questions 40 points 20 points each Answer 2 out of 5 questions. Write a paragraph of ~8-10 sentences each.
* Select one of the following characters: Lymon, Doaker, Whining Boy or Berneice. Summarize two quotes and two actions, and explain what these reveal about the character.

Boy WIllie.
“Shutter brother selling the land, he say ge gonna sell it to me , thats why i come up here i got part of it. sell them watermelons and get me another part. get Berinece to sell the paino for the third. a This quote explins tht Boy WIllie just wants to become a better black man and he is willing to do whatever it takes to have what his father didnt and that is a piece of land to be able to bulid on and make an bigger empire for his family, but Boy Willie is only thinking about his self he doesnt think of the signifigance of the things he trying to get rid of to get this land and better future. “That aint nothing but in Berniece Head....”

i this quote shows how boy wilie thinks that when his sister says she sees Shutters ghost its all in her head. Even though she is not the only one who has seen the ghost he still believes she is just trying to scare him and make him go away faster but its not happning because hes determined to get her to sell the paino and get that land.

Boy WIllie is Outspoken, Loud and Stubborn and he does and says what he wants without thinking of others feelings or the consequences it may bring to him or his family.

Boy willie think he is equal to a white man because at a time he makes the statement “ at the top of life” his family disagreed with him because they know he knows in reality he does not live a life nothing close to as a white man does, but he is open about his race and his tactics in life.

This all reveals that Boy willid is very inconsiderate to his family in many ways but as the story rolls he finds it in his heart that he sees the signifgance of the panio and why his sister wants to keep it, He also learns alot about him family life history and what it took for them to get where they are today. Wille did alot of growing up.

* Discuss the significance of the railroad song that Doaker sings at the beginning of Act II. Your explanation should include the role of trains in the lives of African Americans in the deep South. *

* What exactly is the lesson to be learned in The Piano Lesson? Comments on the title of the play and the intent of its impact on African American people. * The lesson to be learned behind the piano lession is the “ charles legacy”. it is a family history...
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