The War on Drugs

Topics: Drug addiction, Controlled Substances Act, Illegal drug trade Pages: 6 (2848 words) Published: December 16, 2010
Drugs have been around since prehistoric times as “times lacking written history”, the first drugs known to historians were alcohol and marijuana. Although, alcohol has changed in type and flavor, marijuana due to its prohibition has gone through many changes, including being more potent, being extracted for its THC, and being bricked down to smuggle across country borders. There is no way to say that if marijuana stayed legal that people would still just be smoking schwag, but I can guarantee if it weren’t made illegal causing the crime tax on it, people wouldn’t resort to smoking a more dangerous yet easier to obtain Synthetic Cannibinoids, like the JWH series, Win Series, AM Series, some that I can’t even remember. This is the story with almost any kind of addicting and non addicting drug you can name, when you take one ten more pop up. When the whole K2 phenomena hit Missouri and the rest of the US, the government didn’t realize it, but it was the safest to have that labeled product available. Here is my experience; The packages where over priced under tested, and who know who mixed the what chemicals on those leaves. So we ordered pure JWH-018, don’t get me wrong this drug has a lot of the same healing properties as Marijuana, but it is also so strong an overdose is the difference between a couple of Milligrams. I tended to smoke the very edge of pen cap. I gave my friend some, and he is the hard headed kind and didn’t heed my warning and within hours I was hearing horror stories. Something never would have occurred, if the government took it upon themselves to label products like this like they do in California with Marijuana. Instead they made it outright illegal without ever studying its beneficial uses. And now people are mixing synthetic cannibinoids that have different levels of cb1 atagonism and cb2 atagonism. The right combo will get you higher than you have ever been on just plain THC. So the drugs get more potent, less expensive, and less controllable. What can the war on drugs say to that, except they are following in the footsteps of the smart users, and arresting people who are too strung out too commit such as easy crime as getting high. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes they get “lucky” and nab a college kid minding his own business, but happened to have a half smoked roach in his ashtray, and manage to screw up his life. There by giving him no choice but to give into this black market world of feel how you want when you want too. Another example of evolution of drug, is opiates. Originally there was just opium. Till the white man’s law banned it. Then we see Morphine, as that get banned heroine becomes popular and over 8 new opioids are released by pharmaceutical companies, claimed to be less addictive, one being oxycodone. This is known on the street as one of the strongest pills you can get. It is probably the most sought after, because you know what you are getting, unlike with H, and it is more euphoric than methadone or Fentanyl. Now the government thinks they have opiates finally locked away in the proverbial government medicine cabinet. But what happens when researchers a naturally occuring opioid in a frog in South Africa. The frog is the Bufo Alvarius, and the drug is dermorphin. It is a peptide so it does in no way fall any under analogue act. The only people who know about it are people who have money, time, and a house to order it too. At 5mg’s for 100$ it seems a bit pricy, but considering, that 200 micrograms is very high dose, it is actually pretty cheap, and again, more reliable of a high of a high than youd get off the street. The problem is when these drugs hit the streets and no one knows about them. Just like when the first fentanyl analogues came out and killed all those innocent addicts. I see the same happening here. Last I checked a few months ago this drug was as easy to obtain as a textbook for school. Now they have over 10 analogues just...
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