Time for a National Debate on Drug Trade

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Mexican Drug War, Australia Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Time for national debate on drug trade
By Bethany Rayner
Eddie Maguire’s Opinion piece “Time for national debate on evil drug trade” in the Herald sun on April 1st 2012 is a logical piece which appeals to Australians as a whole and those who are particularly associated with drugs. This article was published after the devastating news on Ben Cousin’s relapse became a public affair and the idealistic view on the AFL became tainted. Throughout the piece Eddie voices his opinion by the use of inclusive language and appealing to the audiences fear and sense of safety. His tone although, varies throughout the piece, generally holds an accusing voice which aids in his perspective of drugs in Australia urgently needing to be decriminalized getting across. Eddie McGuire strategically uses inclusive language throughout his piece to motivate the audience to agree with his view on decriminalizing drugs. The inclusive language suggests to the audience that they are all in danger from this issue; Eddie himself included making him come across as if they are on the same level which is often an appealing thought to most readers, persuading them to listen to his views and genuinely consider them. Eddie uses the input of ‘slang’ terms such as when he stated “$2 billion dollars may see some crims locked up” implying that the audience is past being formal with McGuire and is considered to be a ‘friend’ making him trustworthy and his opinion respectable. He then went on to appeal to patriotism by including the statement “And let’s stop kidding ourselves, Australians are among the biggest users of drugs in the world” His love for his country and reference of inclusive language expresses that he does in fact have things in common with the everyday people reading his article, creating the illusion that he and the audience are fighting the same problems and have the best intentions in mind. These factors add a level of respect to his opinion amongst the audience reading helping to...
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