Tourism Impacts

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Tourism, World Tourism Organization Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: July 21, 2013
Topic: Negative Tourism Impacts


* Risk factors of tourism
* Disadvantages of tourism
* Conservation of risk factors of tourism

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* List of tourism impacts
* Side effects of tourism impacts
* Conservation of natural resources


Nowadays, tourism started to earn itself a very bad name due to thoughtless development, and disruption of local cultures, values and economies, during the birth of mass international travel.

* The negative impacts of tourism can only be managed effectively if they have been identified, measured and evaluated * Problem lists of negative tourism impacts and explanation * Impacts on geological properties, rock formations, minerals and fossils * Impacts on soil

* Impacts on water resources
* Impacts on vegetation
* Impacts on wildlife and ecosystems
* Impacts on sanitation systems
* Aesthetic impacts on the landscape
* Impacts on the cultural environment
* More traffic congestion
* Sex trafficking
* Illegal drugs trafficking


This article shows many consequences of increasing tourism in some countries. Seemingly, unstoppable popularity of tourism deteriorates the quality these natural resources, historical sites, and commit illegal activities.

First of all, impacts on geological properties like: climbing and caving are the two activities that make the changed of the rock formations and the collecting of minerals and fossils to make souvenirs for tourists. As the result of these minor activities appear to be negligible due to lack of surveillance. The effects of tourism on soil are presumably associated with processes of removal and relocation to the sites of the facilities, resorts and to bury its surface under buildings or parking lots. The management of tourism impacts on water resources has received little attention from government. In the sea, use of speed boats, ships or motorboats can lead to...
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