Trading Places

Topics: Gang, Prison, Illegal drug trade Pages: 3 (901 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Trading Place
Trading Places, will be a group home that will provide alternative housing for young men that are coming out of prison and for first time offenders. The group home will provide them with a safe, nurturing, and stable environment away from the cycle of gangs, drugs, abuse, poverty, and violence. Second Chance hopes that when the young men leave the group home, they will continue to be responsible in the business world. Second Chance will encourage these young men to reach their fullest potential so they are able to become a vital part of their community and society.

Trading Places, will provide services using innovative approaches to meet needs of the young men coming out of prison or the one’s that are first time offenders. Spiritual support, attitudes / behavior modification, accountability, values, education, and daily encouragement are some of the tools that will enable Second Chance to provide these services. Second Chance’s desire is to keep them on a long-term basis, especially if the young men are between the ages of 17 and 25. This will enable Second Chance an opportunity to assist them in graduating, transitional housing and advanced education.

Trading Places will provide housing for (6) young men between the ages of 17-25 from diverse backgrounds. The young men will be placed in this program through the Prison System or First Offenders Programs and ordered to be there by the Milwaukee County Jail System and / or State Prison System. (In order to qualify) This population has been uprooted from their families discharged from another program or is unable to return home.

Second Chance’s goals are to ensure family unification by providing the young men with crisis intervention services in basic life and independent living skills. The young men will be empowered with the skills necessary to develop proper self-esteem and decision-making capabilities, solutions for conflict resolution, and guidance with educational and career...
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