Tulak Review

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Meaning of life, Assault Pages: 2 (924 words) Published: July 31, 2013

Tulak is a story of a boy named Tikboy who grew up in the slums of Manila City, introduced to drugs at an early age, got addicted to it, and realized in the end what was wrong from right. Tikboy grew up with in the care of his Aunt and Uncle who are drugs pushers and also users. He never knew of his parents’ whereabouts. It’s either there are hiding because of drugs or unfortunately, dead. At an early age, Tikboy suffered a lot from his Uncle, Abdon. Beaten up or pushed to sell drugs is their daily routine and to think he is a Cop. While his Aunt, Lukring works as a prostitute and also a battered wife. Their life revolved around drugs. The people living in their place were also drugs users and pushers. It was a drug world inside. Tikboy suffered a lot in the arms of his uncle, until one event caused him to flee away from that place and became one of those street children. Then, he met Bernie and Rolan, also street children like him. The three of them journeyed in life. Stealing, inhaling rugby and fleeing were their life by then, until they met Betina. Betina was the one who took care of them thinking that the children might love him back and accept what he was, gay. Even though he took care of them, fed them and gave them shelter, the boys would always sneak out and go back to their life. But when the time comes they would need Betina again, they would simply go back and Betina would always take them in. But that wasn’t fair anymore. Betina got tired of the things they always do and finally let them be. The boys grew up in the presence of drugs. Their life was separate by the time they were adults. They grew old, yet their purpose in life wasn’t yet found. Tikboy was always in and out of prison, Rolan got married with Maura who is also a user and pregnant while Bernie wasn’t found for a very long time. Tikboy met a lot of people, people who influenced him and let him see the reality of being an addict....
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