Tulak a Film by Neal Tan Summary

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Drug, Police Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: January 3, 2013
A film by Neal Tan

* Tikboy- who grew with his aunt and exposed to the world of drugs.

* Abdon- A former policeman, a user and a dealer of illegal drugs

* Lukring- Aunt of Tikboy and a wife of Abdon who is afraid of his husband

* Betina- serves as a guardian to Tikboy, Rolan and Bernie

* Rolan and Bernie-Tikboy met them on the streets when he ran away and became his brothers

* Maura- wife of Rolan

* Roi- a friend of Tikboy
Brief Summary:
There was a boy named Tikboy who lived in a cruel, reckless and a perilous place in the world, the world of drugs. He lived with his Aunt Lukring and his Uncle Abdon. Abdon was a policeman but his opposite of it he was an addict and a drug dealer. He taught Tikboy to be a pusher at early age and sometimes hit him hardly. Lukring loves Tikboy because he was her own family. Abdon often uses her for some pleasuring business. One day there was a customer Abdon promised him that he will give the 1st class, who is Lukring. But, that day Lukring was very tired, the costumer didn’t like her, so he go. Abdon was so angry that he hit Lukring. She was shouting for help then Tikboy ran to her. He hit Abdon but it was not enough, Lukring had her chance, she found a knife and sacked it to Abdon. She told Tikboy to go. He promised her that he will go back and free her from Abdon. 15 years passed, Tikboy was in jail again. He had been in and out of jail for rubbery and drugs. Betina helped him to go out of jail. When Tikboy ran away from home he found two boys named Rolan and Bernie. They became brothers. One day Betina found the boys in the streets and treat them as his own. Tikboy visits Rolan and his pregnant wife Maura to their place. In there, he meet Roi the mayor’s son who is also an addict in drugs. News was spreading that the police man are determined to cut off Illegal drugs in the country. The supplies of illegal drugs are decreasing. Tikboy went to a friend of him...
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