Types of Symbolism in Ernest J Gaines' A Lesson before Dying

Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: January 5, 2008
Charles McCorkle
May 10, 2006
Mr. Johnston
English 2
Period 11

Thesis: what are the types of symbolism are shown in the book The Lesson before Dying.

Symbolic symbolism means the practice of representing things by means of symbols or of attributing symbolic meanings or significance to objects, events, or relationships.
In the book Lesson before Dying the confederate soldier flag shows symbolic symbolism by the red background with the blue and white railroad crossing which means no blacks allowed (Dixie). The Dixie is similar to Ku Klux Klan but haves different mentality. Dixie wouldn't kill blacks for no reason but they do think that blacks shouldn't be in a white country.

The White picket fence surroundings the plantation school symbolizes when those black children look out the window that's how far their education is going to go in the white society. The teacher might teach them all he can but pass that fence he knows education doesn't matter no more.

Jackie Robinson and Joe Louis symbolizes the pride and how much heart the blacks have. Jackie Robinson symbolizes the heart of blacks because he was the first black in the Major League of Baseball because he takes up all the abusiveness from his teammates, players around the league and fans. Joe Louis shows pride because when all the whites say he's going to lose his title he would come up winning. The book Lesson before Dying shows the racism between blacks and whites and till this day there are still signs of racism but seeing blacks and whites together is one kind of symbolism right now
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