Unit 6 Assignment

Topics: Drug, Drug addiction, Illegal drug trade Pages: 2 (854 words) Published: May 4, 2013
N Shepard
November 26, 2012
Unit 6 Assignment
Anthony Scarpelli

In the first scenario Drugs at a Friend’s House there is a moral problem. As an off-duty officer watching people snorting cocaine at a friend's party must leave the premises immediately. Before leaving the premises, I will have to inform my friend about her friend's use of illegal drugs at her own home, dispose the illegal drugs, throw out her friends from the property, and to also inform my good friend that next time it happens, that I will report it to the department, and make an arrest. Educating my friend, whether the she knew of the activity in the first place or not, will teach her that drug use is illegal and is not looked over by me. My friend, friend will be wary next time around, and definitely will have respect for her friend, and me being an officer. But the problem with this option is that if the friend and her friend's friends do use illegal drugs regularly, next time they throw a party, all they have to do is not invite me the cop again. Most often time, people do not learn when given chances to peoples and that is why punishment is better given as an alternative. Therefore, the better option for the off-duty officer to do is to stay put and call the department and report the illegal activity, while at the party so that cops can invade the premises and make the arrest, although this could end a good friendship. . The off-duty cop could then be a witness. This option, though harsher, will teach the good friend a greater lesson than the first option. This option would be a really hard decision, because you run the risk of losing a friend and your friend may not know of their friend’s illegal activity. This will be something you will have to live with. You will have to ask yourself what is more important, your career or your friendship. This would be a very hard choice for me to make, especially if my friend didn’t know about the drug use, but I would also want to make the...

References: Delattre, Edwin. (2006). Character and cops, 5th edition. Washington, DC: The AEI Press.
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