Victimless Crime

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Victimless Crime
Victimless crime is defined as an illegal act that is felt to have no direct or identifiable victim. Drug possession and usage is considered to be a type of victimless crime. Libertarianism says the government is set up to offer protection for each of us against the initiation of force by others. They say this gives us the “moral space” in which to live our own lives in our own chosen way-even if that means choosing to use drugs. A person under the influence of illegal drugs is known to cause damage to themselves, other people or property. Is this not initiation of force on others. Drug abuse can result in increased risk of health problems such as illness, injuries and physical damage to the body or death; drug abuse can result in personal problems such as loss of motivation, or physical and psychological dependence, and problems at work or school; drug abuse can result in family problems like strained and unhappy relationships and family breakdown; drug abuse can contribute to social problems like increased crime and automobile accidents; drug abuse can also result in financial costs to society for things like health care, crime or lost productivity. Undeserving is the statement, “Drug Use is a Victimless Crime”. Who is not the victim when it comes to drug use!

Drug abuse is a major public health problem. Drug abuse causes a multitude of health problems to the user and to the public. The respectful, taxpaying citizens of America are the ones paying the medical bills for the health effects drugs have on its users. In 1992, the total estimated spending for health care services due to drug problems was $9.9 billion, specialized services for the treatment of drug problems was $10 billion-this includes specialized detoxification and rehabilitation services as well as prevention, training, and research expenditures-, costs of treatment for health problems attributed to drug abuse (e.g., cirrhosis, HIV infection, and trauma) was $18.7...

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