War on Drugs

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Mexican Drug War, Prohibition Pages: 10 (1523 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Research Project, FCIQ 101

This project has a number of important goals:

To introduce you to the valuable online databases to which NYIT subscribes. To further develop your understanding of academic disciplines, research methods, and evidence. To develop your critical thinking skills by contrasting newspaper and academic (peer-reviewed) sources. To develop a deeper understanding of an issue using both newspaper and academic sources.

1. Describe the topic/issue in your own words (100 word minimum): The USA should end the war on drugs by decriminalizing it and regulating it. This is a major issue in my eyes. Billions of dollars are wasted on a war that has lost its effectiveness. Meanwhile instead of spending money to prohibit something, you can make money regulating it. Gang activity will for sure decrease as drug money is their main source of income. Also this war exists not only in the USA, but it seeps into other countries such as Mexico. The raw violence that occurs internationally can be directly related to the illegal drug market in the USA.

2. Why does this topic interest you and/or why it is important? (100 word minimum) I take interest to this topic because it affects my everyday life. It affects me because it effects the economy of the country I live in. This is important because I have yet to live on my own two feet but am aware of the effects a bad economy can have on an individual and family. Its important because from what I’ve research it would create a safer environment for teenagers. The significance of this is bringing an end to the Cartels and their brutal ways. Innocent lives are at stake home and abroad. What more could be important than ones life?

3. Collect articles on your topic from The New York Times newspaper

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Statistics show the failure in the war we have waged against drugs. We currently import ninety-five percent of our illegal cocaine from Mexico. Its impossible for you to say this war has been a success when cocaine is seventy-four percent cheaper than it was thirty years ago. Not only is it cheaper, the usage has increased by ten percent within high school seniors in the last twenty years. This failing system is funded by our tax money. To be exact, every year twenty to twenty-five billion dollars has been spent each year for the past ten years! The Obama administrations has shifted their efforts toward reducing people's dependency on drugs.

This article is about the use of government squads in other countries to combat drugs. These squads are called FAST or Foreign-deployed Advisory Support Teams. They work to train local law enforcement and accompany them on their operations. They are allowed to engage the enemies, but only if needed to protect themselves. About a year ago, a squadron was taking part in a training exercise when word came in that traffickers were landing a plane in a nearby airstrip. They proceeded with Honduran law enforcement and sought to obtain the drugs. A Honduran officer was wounded and two traffickers were kilt. Along with other countries Mexico has agreed with having surveillance drones but not in favor of these tactical squads.

| The USA has continually supported Honduras in the fight against drugs. Hondurans have been aided with radar to help track flights. On July twenty-seventh and the thirty-first, 2012 Honduran airforce shot down two aircrafts in the Caribbean Sea under suspicion that is was carrying drugs. These planes have yet to be found. These actions fueled by US intelligence has caused the US to stop the program. This is not the only time a situation like this has occurred. In 2001 Peruvian government destroyed an american missionary plane carrying civilians. All with the help of American intelligence. Not only is it failing in the air, but also on the ground. A US state official saw the increase in...
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