Wes Moore

Topics: Mother, Drug, Family Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: October 14, 2013
 Compare and Contrast
Although Wes and the other Wes Moore both grew up in the same city at the same time, the two men have many differences, such as their mother`s involvement, their fathers and the level of accomplishment. First, Wes (the author) had compassionate and an educated mother. His mother attended university of Washington D.C and she graduated from there. She took care of him as well as sending him to private school to get good education. Second, Wes (The author) lived with his father. His father was educated and had a job. One day Wes punched his sister Nikki after she bite him because he jabbed at her face. Then his father come to him and spoke about punching his sister. Wes`s father said him “it`s totally wrong to hit women, especially if she is your sister. Finally, Wes was succeeded and achieved his goals. He attended school through his childhood. He graduate from Valley Forge Military School College, as well as university of Hopkins and he completed his master degree. On the other hand, the other Wes Moore a had careless mother. His mother used to work every single day and she didn't know anything about his situation. Even though his mother went University of Hopkins and wanted to continue her education, she didn`t get the opportunity to continue it. Not only he had a careless mother, but he also had an alcoholic father. His father was a drug dealer. Due to this, Wes’s mother kicked his father out of the house, because she didn`t want her son to be drug dealer. Finally, the other Wes Moore wasn`t successful. He became drug seller as well as a murder. Due to this, he was sent to jail for life. Clearly, the type of parents that they had makes big differences.

Although, Wes and the other Wes Moore had a lot of differences, they both had same similarities such as; they were raised by their mothers, grew up in same city and involved illegal activities. First, both Wes and the other Wes Moore were raised by their...
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