Wes Moore

Topics: Mother, Father, Family Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: October 17, 2013
The Other Wes Moore

This book is about two people that grew up in Baltimore. They both were fatherless and stayed around bad influences. It’s about them having the same name but different fates, one ends up in prison and one ends of being a famous author because of this book. They were both skipping school but they also had supportive mothers that would help them if they were falling off track. They had a lack of fathers or father figures which is most likely why one ended up going to prison. Examining the lives of each Wes Moore has given me insight into my own life. Each of the Wes Moore’s were able to go to school but both of them decided they would skip school and do whatever they wanted to do. Wes Moore (convict) always acted like he was going to go to school but when he got dropped off he turned around and got a train right to his neighborhood. When he got there to his neighborhood he went to go sell drugs and make money doing it. He had a choice to not sell them and go to school but he decided not to and act like his brother tony which was one of Wes’ bad influences. Tony sold drugs and was already about to have a child. Wes showed me that skipping school can lead to other troublemaking things like selling drugs and getting in trouble for not being at school. I would rather go to school like a normal person then to get in trouble doing something stupid. Wes Moore the convict didn’t really have anyone in his life but he had a supportive mother. She helped him when he was getting beat up by his older brother for selling drugs. She also threw away four thousand dollars’ worth of drugs that Wes had that he was selling. His mother didn’t go to college but Wes still had a house to live in. Wes Moore (Author) had a supportive mother because she didn’t really let Wes do all those troubling things that the other Wes Moore did. Like skipping school and getting bad grades fir skipping school. When Wes messed up his mother sent him straight to military school to...
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