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Topics: Crime, Gang, Criminology Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: October 27, 2013

Newark, NJ considered one of U.S. most dangerous cities. With a crime index of 2.82 and listed as number 9, Newark’s record is in an upswing. With a population of 278,064 its murder rate is 33.8. A home to many and feared by others Newark is NJ’s lifeline. With the unemployment rate rising, gangs and drugs contributing to the decrease in the economy. Carjacks leads first in putting fear in mostly everyone’s heart. With 10 shootings in 10 days, not much can be said about Newark’s sunny side. Your chances of being a victim of crime are 1 in 84. Drugs and Gangs contribute a great deal to crimes in Newark, as murders can be the outcome of a sale gone badly. Newark’s level of gang related murders is considered the highest in the nation, with a higher proportion of drug involvement in homicides. Fueled largely by the drug trade gang violence in Newark is at a historic high. By comparing gang-related killings to non-gang slaying, rather than drugs, drove violence in four out of five cities making Newark the outlier. Twenty percent of the city’s gang killings involved drugs, compared with 6 percent of non-gang homicides. Criminals are more loyal to drug money than gang affiliation in Newark. In Newark, it’s not the gang members who are dealing drugs, its drug dealers who happen to belong to gangs. Violence — including gang homicides — is a significant public health problem and needs to be stopped before our children die along with the cause. Carjacks in Newark are on the rise. Carjacking is the illegal taking of a motor vehicle from its driver and occupants by force, violence, or intimidation; often at the point of a gun. Carjacking is a type of hijacking, where the driver and occupants of the vehicle in question are threatened with harm or are harmed by the perpetrator, so as to gain possession and control of that motor vehicle. The perpetrator(s) also often steal wallets, cell phones and any other valuables from the driver and occupants. To gain...
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