Which Cup of Tea Do You Prefer

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Which Cup of Tea Do You Prefer?
Which cup of tea do you prefer? I mean entertainment. Generally, entertainment can be defined as the activities that can provide diversion or permit people to be amused in their leisure time.[1] But no matter what the form may be, entertainment is exactly the movement which makes you happy and relaxed. There are three major types of entertainment I have summarized: The visual entertainment, the interactive entertainment, and the self entertainment.

First of all, the visual entertainment means visiting or sightseeing. In other words, it is not for much participating but just viewing and admiring. For instance, visiting museums is a good choice. Not only can it provide fun for the interested, but broaden their horizons and improve their cultural accomplishment. Besides, art exhibits, wax museums and concert can also be concerned. However, do not regard the visual entertainment as something boring or even serious. Magic and circus are also included. You can choose any form of the visual entertainment as long as you feel relaxed and get satisfaction from it.

On the contrary, aiming at participating, the second type comes to the interactive entertainment. You are supposed to join people and have fun together. Parties, games, sports, or even competitions are optional. Play a part in them, either sharing feelings or competing with others. Perhaps you will feel gratification and have a sense of achievement from them unconsciously. Joining collective activities is a good opportunity to make friends and promote friendship. It is always easy to create an atmosphere of great passion and joy together with people. In brief, the interactive entertainment can provide fun, enjoyment and laughter.

Finally, it is the self entertainment which is irrelevant to others. That is to say, it is just like personal hobbies such as listening to the music, reading, writing, etc. There are tens of thousands of forms of the self entertainment. Since you...
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