Why America needs to legalize marijuana

Topics: Unemployment, Illegal drug trade, United States public debt Pages: 4 (1377 words) Published: June 2, 2014
Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

In the recent years, legalizing Marijuana use has gained support for both medical and recreational purposes. Many Americans are starting to believe that legalizing marijuana for recreational use would have several good effects for the nation. Legalizing marijuana could help the nation in three main ways. The largest ways marijuana would improve America is making billions of dollars in national income, removing gang sales of marijuana, and it would create thousands of jobs. In the last century, America’s debt has risen over a trillion dollars each year. This has been a huge issue for the United States. Americans have tried to create plans to lower the national debt by cutting school funding, government aid, and state spending (U.S. National Debt Clock). Even with these cuts, the national debt is still rising at an unbelievable rate. The current national debt is at 16.75 trillion dollars, and it is increasing by 3.78 billion dollars every day (U.S. National Debt Clock). Approximately 315 million people live along the American border (Population Clock). Estimates states that each American citizen in would need to pay over 50,000 dollars to end America’s debt (U.S. National Debt Clock). The average American worker is paid a around 43,000 dollars per year before taxes. This means that every American would need to give their whole salary to the government for fifteen months to remove the debt (Fairchild). With the irrational debt per person ratio, the American government needs to create new ways to solve the nation's debt issues. America is also paying for every citizens in jail for marijuana charges. Almost 750,000 americans are arrested for possession of marijuana every year. A day in jail cost over one hundred and fifty dollars per person (CNNMoney). If America legalized marijuana millions of dollars would be saved instead of being spent on jail inmates. America could also gain billions of dollars from...
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