Why Drug Testing Should Not Be Used for Welfare

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Why there should not be drug testing for welfare

Should drug tests be required of welfare recipients? No, I don't think so. Welfare recipients are typically extremely poor and are uneducated. Another aspect of welfare recipients is that they are mentally ill. It would seem too ignoble to find ways to deny recipients access to welfare.

Welfare recipients are usually on welfare because they lack an education and training to earn a better living. Their education only allows them basic opportunities for earning a paycheck, if they even have an education that high. Because of this, they probably aren't thoroughly educated about illegal drugs. Illegal drugs are a complex issue. It is often simplified to people to just don't use them. But that's too much of a simplification for many people. For instance, why is alcohol and tobacco products legal but marijuana and heroin aren't even though all four are technically drugs? This leads some people that the legalization of drugs are rather arbitrary and most drugs aren't as dangerous as the government makes it seem. These poor try drugs and get addicted because they just aren't educated enough on the consequences of their actions.

Another reason why welfare recipients use illegal drugs is because they suffer from undiagnosed and untreated mental illness. One very prominent reason why welfare recipients can't hold down an average job is because they are suffering from mental illnesses which makes it difficult for them to keep a job without therapy and medication. Public healthcare in the United States is exceedingly lacking, so the mentally ill who are so poor normally does not get the therapy or medication they need simply because they cannot pay for it. Those recipients who are mentally ill usually resort to illegal drugs in an attempt to self-medicate their symptoms and condition.

It is not the fault of mentally ill recipients that they are mentally ill. It is also not their fault that the United States has...
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