Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

Topics: Law, Mexican Drug War, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (300 words) Published: March 24, 2015
Why Marijuana Should be Legal
For the first time in history Americans are more in favor of legalizing Marijuana than criminalizing it. In fact 40% of Americans have admitted to using marijuana once in their life-time. The issue of whether marijuana should be legal is an ongoing debate in our society. It has been argued for decades and now we are finally starting to see progress. Marijuana should without a doubt be removed from the criminal justice system and be regulated in a manner similar like alcohol and tobacco. My partner and I will provide 3 reasons on why Marijuana should be legal and argue against our opponent favoring why marijuana should not be legal.

First of all Marijuana Law Enforcement alone cost the US and estimated 3.6 billion dollars in 2010. If you ask me, 3.6 billion dollars is a lot money. All this money could be used on different resources.

My second point is that marijuana is not lethal, in fact it is safer than alcohol. You cannot die from a marijuana overdose, it simply not possible. Marijuana is not a toxin to the body and does not harm it like other drugs do. Alcohol is more addictive than marijuana.

My last point is that marijuana’s illegality makes foreign cartels smuggling to the US very profitable. By making it legal it would drastically decrease this. Because marijuana is illegal in the US, in order to have enough supply Mexican drug cartels must smuggle the weed here. If it were to be made legal, all the growing would take place in the US, thus making it harder for the cartels to smuggle. They would lose an enormous amount of profit as americans would favor the high quality, cheaper, easier to access marijuana over the brick marijuana from Mexico.
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