Will Border Fence Solve the Problem

Topics: Smuggling, United States, Illegal drug trade Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Lizbeth Padilla
DeVry University
Tara Jill

The United States border fence has helped citizens to become stronger within its force because it has helped reduce significantly human and drug trafficking in America. It helps give a sense of security. Just how there are these advantages having a border fence, there is also a negative effect towards the country like the cost of money that goes to the fence and employ border patrols. To solve theses it would be good to keep the border fence and should not be taken down. It helps Americans to protect their country from entering or reducing problems. “The Border Fence is already making a difference”, says Chris Simcox (2012). Local reports indicate that drug trafficking has already been reduced. He said that there are “fewer vehicles in the area where the fence is under construction proving again that having a presence and taking positive steps to do something to secure the border reduces the flow of illegal aliens, potential terrorists, drug and human traffickers, murderers, rapists and thieves in these areas”. Which, it has been getting harder for smugglers to bring in illegal drugs in or out of the country. There haves been many people getting caught trying to cross drugs in to the country and are been arrested for it. Strong border controls to keep things steady in the United States to not have many drugs that users buy. Human trafficking has been an issue that women and children are been exploit, or being sell for trade to come into the country. According, to Chris Simcox, also had said that human trafficking has been reducing and making a difference. In the year of (2012), Ishani mentions that there are “estimates of 100,000 to 3000,000 trafficked people in the United States, including children, foreigners trafficked in to the country”. The that Statistics show that about “27 million adults and children victims of trafficking around the world, also, about 4.5 million victims were of...

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