Without Remorse

Topics: Kill, Tom Clancy, Drug Pages: 2 (871 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Without Remorse By Tom Clancy
John Kelly and two other UDT men are performing a maritime demolition of an oil-rig irreparably damaged by Hurricane Camille while we come to know when Kelly’s wife was killed in a car accident when she was pregnant. Kelly was very sad and was broke after her death. There is one more important person Colonel Robin Zacharias who was shot along with his backseater during a Wild Weasel strike over North Vietnam, John Tait who was killed while Zacharias was been captured and has been reported in killed action. The prisoners were interrogated by Grishanov (Kolya) who collects and the information and suggests that the prisoners are of no use and should be quietly killed while Zacharias moves to his cell a U.S. Buffalo Hunter pilotless drone photographs him and he is recognized by Admiral Dutch Maxwell, along with two other admirals, develops a special-operation plan entitled Operation BOXWOOD GREEN that will send Marines into North Vietnam to rescue the prisoners. When after six months he met a girl named Pamela Madden whom Kelly calls Pam and he is in love with the lady. Kelly come to know two doctors also named as Sam and Sarah Rosen who are both professors at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Sam of neurosurgery and Sarah of pharmacology, when they have trouble with their new motorboat. Kelly accidently comes to know that Pam is addicted to drugs which is a great shock for him but when he comes to know that Pam has lead a very sorrowful life and was recovering herself so Kelly decided to help Pam recover from drugs with the help of the doctors. While Kelly was helping recover Pam he asks her to take him where all these things happen, Pam firstly warned him but when he assured her that she is safe with him she took him to that place and there she was seen by Billy Grayson although Kelly escaped but his only fault was to slow down and when he slowed down he was shot twice with the shotgun and then Pam is kidnapped. When...
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