Topics: Gang, Crime, Sociology Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: May 27, 2013
The title of the book I selected is “Gang Leader for a Day”. In this story, Sudhir Venkatesh decides to pay a visit to a low poverty-stricken project in hopes of getting people to complete a survey poll on urban poverty. Venkatesh portrays himself in the book as an inexperienced and unaware graduate student looking to gain inside information on living life in the projects of Chicago. Sudhir Venkatesh was determine to gather information that would explain what life was like for people living in these types of communities and what they had endure for survival. Sudhir Venkatesh’s was then held captive by the Black King gang due to them believing that he was Mexican and posing as a spy for a local rival gang that was planning a drive by shooting on their hood. During his time of captive, he befriends a local gang leader by the name J.T. who provides him access to the Robert Taylor Projects. Sudhir was under the protection and guidance of J.T. during his research on the frugality of the project. The gang leader J.T allowed Sudhir Venkatsh the opportunity to live inside their world for many years to document everything that went on inside the projects. As the years, continued to pass Venkatesh became familiar with the drug dealers, crack heads, prostitutes and cops in the hood. Sudhir Venkatesh objective was to find out how gangs interrelate within the community that surrounded them and how they survived on a daily basis. During Sudhir Venkatesh investigation, he was able to experience the transactions first hand. He explains how the community relied on the street gangs for money to help aid them in their daily survival. He provided information on the primitive capitalist accumulation that was being presented throughout the community. In addition, Venkatesh explains the lack of opportunities presented to these individuals while living in the projects. Many ethical issues came to the forefront during this story. I found it revolting how the gangs controlled the...
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