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and yersterday we flew away
yompers absorved
people asked what or where he was going
but I said he was figment
of our imaginationn
Anoosha Ahmed
That Was Then This Is Now, SE Hinton’s novel plays with two friendships. Mark and Bryon, who treat each other like brothers, evolve into total enemies. Both of their personalities drift apart and they become totally different people at the end of the story. Bryon, for instance changes drastically because he pays attention to his girlfriend, Cathy more than he does to Mark. Mark, however, feels neglected and does not get along with Cathy. As a result, Mark grows apart from Bryon and he begins dealing drugs. When Bryon finds illegal drugs under Mark’s mattress, he calls the police instantly, without thought. If Bryon had found the drugs in the beginning of this novel, he would have acted differently. I believe Mark is held responsible and guilty for how thing ended because Mark is responsible for himself, the dug drug dealing was his choice, and Bryon’s did what was best for him.

Mark and Bryon obviously treat each other as if they were real family, and they were the closest thing to one another. Nevertheless, they are both individuals and they are responsible for themselves. Bryon cannot always make choices for Mark, and vise versa. For example, Mark began to sell drugs. Mark should have been responsible and he should have known right from wrong, but sadly, that wasn’t Mark’s choice. Bryon, on the other hand, informed the police station as soon as he found the drugs in Mark’s bed. This was the mature and responsible way to handle the situation. If Bryon had chosen otherwise, he would have shown no progress and stayed the same throughout the whole book. Thus, Bryon wouldn’t have shown any signs of development and responsibility from the start to the very ending.

I believe Mark is at fault because he chose his own path. He chose drugs and criminal activity, rather than a regular life with...
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