A Nation Of Lords

Topics: Crime, Gang, Almighty Vice Lord Nation Pages: 5 (1227 words) Published: February 6, 2015
A Nation of Lords
The Autobiography of the Vice Lords
David Dawley
Dave Sobotka
Crim 455 Gangs and Gangs Control
Mr. Danny Madrid

As you have read much of these books required for these book reports, I will do my best to give you what my thoughts about this book is about. So by starting off this book has opened my eyes and perspective about how the gang in the early years and now to the present times of gangs has changed for everyone including the Vice Lords as a gang. In the beginning of this book I had a whole different outlook on the startup of the Vice Lords and how it had such a rough time getting started. One would think starting up a gang would be easy but throughout the book it was not so easy. In the early years of the Vice Lords there was not so much violence with guns and the police but more so with other gangs in the Chicago area, however as the years went on so did time and how violence changed within the gangs and how the police interaction with the crime of the gang throughout the years. Throughout book David Dawley was a influenced by the Vice Lords as a way for them to let him into the life of a Vice Lord, and let him see what troubles they had encounter though out the changing years. On page 10 the Vice Lords were started in the 1958 in the St Charles reformatory where seven fellas decided to form a new club, the founder of the club was by a guy named Peppilow (Pep) he was a big guy that you didn’t want to mess around with. Even though no one had a gun but he always had one or two, but never used them unless you tried to run from him. The whole book jumped around in years ,and it was hard to follow at times ,but I did talk about how corrupt the judges were when a Vice Lord was caught breaking the law ,the judges would sent them to a correctional facility for youths ,and if you were older than 17 you could get sent to a regular jail. And this is where the Vise Lords would recruit new members to join them so they could be the largest gang in the south side of Chicago .Vice Lords would never go the North side largely of other gangs. David had noticed that there were many boxing fights within a gang fight in the early years. However in the 60’s during the race riots he did notice more and more guns then boxing fights, which resulted more deaths on the Vice Lords and other rival gang members. David had listed on page 33, There were at least twenty-six branches and eight to ten thousand Lords. Together they made up the Vice Lord Nation. Each of these branches had they own way of doing things, by having parties, fighting and dealing with the police. But with all of the branches Pep was the Chief of the Nation of the Vice Lords. We had talked about girls being in gangs , yes there where and still are girls in the Vice Lords back in the 60’s and they had caused a lot of problems between the different gangs in this era. They would start fights with other ladies of different gangs and would start fights for the Vice Lords to take on other gang members. David had touched on many of the views and ideas what we talked about in class, regarding turf issues, guns in the gangs, how the gangs started to use drugs and start selling drugs for a profit to show that not only the Vice Lords were in control of many aspects of the gang life but to show other gangs how powerful they were and still are today. David also mentioned about how the correctional department would treat them while benign in custody treating them like shit and that they the officers had all the power in the jails. David also mentioned that some of the local police officers had some respect for the Vice Lords and in return the Vice Lords gave the respect back to them, largely they police offers had a different view and ideas on how to handle the Vice Lords throughout the years. As time went on in the late 60’s the Black Panthers was another gang started and still had full respect for the Vice Lords. We also talked about groups to help the youth...
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