A Piece of Cake Book Analysis

Topics: Foster care, Crime, Illegal drug trade Pages: 4 (1783 words) Published: December 11, 2011
A Piece of Cake
Book Analysis
Maddy Hollis

For this book analysis, I read the book A Piece of Cake by Cupcake brown. It is a memoir told by Cupcake about her life. She starts the book at age 11, when she was living a normal and pleasant life with her mother in San Diego. She was quite close to her along with her step father (who, at the time, she thought was her biological father), and her uncle. Then out of nowhere, she finds her mother dead in her room and her life is shaken into disaster. The court system had to turn both her and her brother over to her biological father whom she never met, instead of giving her to the man she was raised by. Her father then sent her to a foster home where she was raped and beaten constantly. When she first ran away, she met a prostitute and learned the trick of the trade. After repeating a process of running away and using hitchhiking and prostitution, and then getting sent back to the foster home where she continued to get beaten, she finally broke out for good and lived with her great aunt. She eventually got emancipated so that the system could no longer send her to anymore foster homes. Cupcake then turned to a life of gang banging, extreme alcoholism, and excessive drug use. After surviving a shooting at the age of 16, she vowed to god that she would leave the gang behind and she kept her word. As her life progressed and she moved from one place to another, the alcohol and drugs were nonstop. Although she maintained several steady jobs, she would always have to quit before they fired her for never showing up or being late because she was too messed up. After she got introduced to crack, her life became a living hell. Soon, she was a "trash-can junkie," indulging in as many drugs as she could find. When she woke up behind a dumpster one morning, scarcely dressed and more than near death, she admitted that she needed help. This is a non-fiction story and I chose to read this book because it looked interesting....
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